Monday, September 10, 2007

Research Assistant Module installed.

The Research Assistant Module, visible only to members and shown on every individual's page, allows both free memembers and paying subscribers to automatically search the following websites:

Hints on how to obtain any missing information can also be viewed.


Andrea Pettee Morris said...

Dear Sir,
As I was perusing your site here, I discovered you had traced the lineage of our family-The Pettee Family of America all the way back to Edward I Plantagenet (1239-1307)! I was astounded, it gave me goosebumps!!!! I am so excited, & I want to thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart for that most amazing piece of information!!! I am wondering though, how were you able to trace our family back 800 years, you are truly incredible!!!!! Sincerely, Andrea Marie Pettee (Morris)

Anonymous said...

I had the whole on screen before but I have not that contact more but there was people like Esther bat Yosef Segal ,Moshe ben Moshe Yehuda Segal and surnames as Wolf , Schellekenz ,Hartog and others who continue from my Ancestors Jacob Bendix and his wife Elisabeth Bendix he with Goldschmidt and she with Hirsch family.The fact is that I want the connection again ,whi it was with my family tree, or pedigree-chart. Elisabeth was born 1686-1770 and Jacob abt.1686 but died 1777. They was living in Norderstapel, Germany.